Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 for web developers, part 2 of 2

Play Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 for web developers, part 2 of 2

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    Dear Microsoft Techies:


    Anyone seen those ads all over the Techie Websites advertising: "What are you gonna do with Visual Studio 2010?"


    Well, let me be just the first to say: "Not much!" In my opinion, the Beta 2 of this product is someone's idea of a very sick joke.


    Let me explain why. I have Alienware 64-Bit QuadCore Intel with 8GB of RAM running RAID0; a smokin' machine if I do say so myself.


    Microsoft claimed that this version was a "Go Live" product or something to the effect that I gathered meant that it was almost like the CTP release but with few minor bugs in it. That's what I get for thinking.


    I started getting a gleam in my eyes about what fabulous new product that was gonna make me rich using it for my design tool. Again, I was wrong.


    Anyways, I started working on what eventually came to be a super-duper WPF-XPAP-based program that started getting fairly complex with User Controls, Custom-built controls, 3rd-Party controls, Interfaces, Types and whatever else....


    Yeah, it crashed... and frequently. I kept on getting this same error: "System Out of Memory." I'm thinking to to myself.. what in God's name are they talking about? I have an Oracle database running on it but still the very most of memory being used was 60%. Besides, it was working quite a number of times before the "final" crash; in which even though I tried to reinstall it and .NET v.40, my application would still not work.


    I tried some other, smaller MVC applications and they worked just fine, so I'm not sure why I kept getting that error message. I finally gave up and now have to convert all of my project files back into Visual Studio 2008 SP1 w/.NET v3.5.


    I tried googling this error message with VS2K10B4 but all the problems were very different... God only knows....


    In closing, all I have to say to anyone seeing those ads about the hype of "what are you going to build with Visual Studio 2010" just navigate back and then forwards and maybe that ad will disappear... before any programs you try to develop with it will.




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