Svea Ekonomi uses F# for automated billing system for the Telecom industry

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Svea Ekonomi is a leading actor in northern Europe offering financial and administrative services, such as factoring, ledger administration and debt administration. Through subsidiaries they also offer services to the telecom sector. The company has been using the new functional programming language F# for about one and a half year to build, among other things, a new more flexible platform for automated billing.


In earlier versions of the billing system, much of the business logic resided in SQL Server and various Perl and Java programs. That made the solution hard to maintain and tailor to the needs of the customers. By using F# instead of an object oriented language the developers at Svea Ekonomi can be a lot more productive. F# also greatly reduces the amount of code to maintain in the system. When we meet software architect Dr Johan Granström and .NET-team leader Johan Kullbom from Svea Ekonomi for an interview about their use of F#, they maintain that they like to remove as much “noise” as possible, and that their goal is that every line of code should have a business value.


They have even written their new WPF client entirely in F#, and do not even use any XAML code for the UI objects. As a matter of fact one of their challenges at the moment is recruiting more developers with experience in functional programming.





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