Cognitive Services Episode 3 - Deep dive into LUIS and Chatbots

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Episode 1 was about analyzing what's available in the Microsoft ecosystem in terms of artificial intelligence. In Episode 2, we setup the foundations to get us started with a minimal bot & we saw the typical steps involved in creating & consuming a Cognitive Service.
In this demo-intensive episode, we'll first see what the challenges are when dealing with natural language and building chatbots. We'll then capitalize on what we've done already, by adding a LUIS layer to our bot. I will not only explain how LUIS works but I'll also give you concrete hands-on demos out of real world experience.



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The Discussion

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    there is somethong wrong with the bots! they are not working correctly please fix the errors asap

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    @Casper:can you be more explicit ?

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    the bots that are running now are not able to resond to direct fubctions ok- there is a mistake in the mathamatics from a looong time ago- it is a small mistake but it is very importanttht it gets fixed- rogue bits are running eberywhere ..... this is not good

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