Cognitive Services Episode 8 - Leveraging speech services with chatbots

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Now that we built a chatbot using most of the NLP-related APIs and that we saw how to categorize incidents based on end users screenshots thanks to the custom vision service, it's time to see how to add speech to this bot! We'll see several flavors of speech services and we'll see how to fine tune speech-enabled bots with speech priming.



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The Discussion

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    Amazing and very good course that you have created.  Do you by chance have GitHub repo with code that you can share for all episodes ?.  It would help a lot.

    Thanks again



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    @Akshata13:Hello, thanks for your comment. I haven't created any repo as most of the code relies on a heavy configuration upfront (creating a the Cognitive Service, having Azure etc.) but if you're interested by something specific, don't hesitate to drop an email to and I'll see if I can send you some relevant piece of code.

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    Amazing series, thanks for this! I have the same suggestion to have your code in GitHub.

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