Cognitive Services Episode 9 - Build the ultimate chatbot with Custom Speech

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For this episode, I have created another chatbot that is aimed at helping factory workers to intervene on machines whenever they encounter operating problems. This factory comes with a specific jargon and workers are surrounded by permanent noise which can obfuscate worker statements when they give vocal orders. We'll tackle these constraints by leveraging the Custom Speech service with the bot framework. We'll also see how Custom Speech differs from Speech Priming that I talked about in episode 8. 
If you're not yet familiar with the bot framework and the cognitive services in general, I strongly advise you to watch my other episodes as I will only focus on Custom Speech and I will not explain things I have already explained in the previous episodes.



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The Discussion

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    Hi Stephan, just watched your episodes. Really nice work, any episodes planned in the future?
    Kind regards

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    Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, Channel9 is not opened to external contributors anymore so I cannot keep going with this series, other than on my personal YouTube .

    Best Regards

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    Thanks a lot for the tutorial it is really very good. I did the same steps in my bot but it is not working. Note there are differences in the webchat files structure and also some codes but it is using same logic. Eg. instead of speehContext that you commented , it is named "t" only. Do you have any idea how to resolve the issue with the Bot Framework v3.14 ?

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