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OMS (Operations Management Suite) - what is it, why you should you care and how easy it is. I'll run though a brief presentation, then I will run through a series of demos where we will set it up from scratch and then have heaps of fun by breaking things to see the power or OMS and how quickly OMS reacts by receiving telemetry data to me doing nasty things to Windows.


Running dodgy attachments on a Windows VM, opening the dodgy emails that are received as SPAM, all the stuff naughty users to, then seeing the security aspect of OMS come to life and how it deals with it.


Using a unique application and creating custom logs in OMS and showing just how easily it is to monitor the software in close to real time by using just about every kind of alert on the market


Different ways to send data to OMS, using PowerShell we will demonstrate how to convert custom data from a PowerShell object into JSON then send it to OMS and use the Powerful OMS search capabilities to run a search query against the data.





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