Modernizing .NET Apps with Docker, for IT Pros. Part 1.

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How do you take a .NET app running on Windows Server 2003 and move it to Azure? This is the first in a five-part series which shows you how to do it using Docker and Windows containers.

Docker is an application platform that runs server apps in lightweight, isolated units called containers. You can take an existing app and package it to run in Docker with no code changes. Then you have a portable unit, so you can run the app in the same way on servers in the datacenter, and in Azure. Docker runs on Windows Server 2016 with production support from Microsoft and Docker, Inc.

In the first part of the series I talk about what "traditional" apps look like, and the costs of running an IT estate where every app has its own ideas about deployment and management. Then I look at moving the app to Docker, running in a Windows container, where every app has the same shape and 10-year old .NET apps can be deployed and managed in the same was as new .NET Core apps.

Throughout the series I'll cover running the app in a HA cluster in Azure, deploying application updates and Windows updates, adding monitoring, and running the app in a production-grade environment in Azure - all without changing the application.



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