Modernizing .NET Apps with Docker, for IT Pros. Part 2.

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    Hi Elton,

    I'm trying to containerize IIS running on Windows 2008R2 running on vSphere 6.7. My steps are as follows:
    - convert .vmdk to .vhdx
    - run Image2Docker 1.8.5
    - ConvertTo-Dockerfile -ImagePath I:\cloneVMIIS_3.vhdx -OutputPath I:\container2\ -MountPath C:\Image\ -Artifact IIS -ArtifactParam 'Default Web Site/Asghar' -Force –Verbose
    - in container2 I get the followings:
    - config folder
    - wwwroot folder
    - IIS.json file
    - no DockerFile due to the following error:
    Generate_IIS : You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
    At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\Image2Docker\1.8.5\Functions\Private\GenerateDockerfile.ps1:37 char:23
    + ... ockerfile = & "Generate_$Artifact" -MountPath $MountPath -ManifestPat ...
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    + CategoryInfo : InvalidOperation: (:) [Generate_IIS], RuntimeException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeMethodOnNull,Generate_IIS
    I’d be grateful if you could help me resolve this problem.
    Many thanks,

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