Modernizing .NET Apps with Docker, for IT Pros. Part 3.

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The third video in the series showing you how to move existing .NET apps to Docker, so you can run them in Azure without any code changes.

In Part 3 I push the Docker image which I built in Part 2 up to a private Docker registry, where I have fine control over who can access the image. Then I run the application in a Docker container running on a Windows Server 2016 VM in Azure. 

My sample application uses a SQL Server database, and in my test environment I also run a SQL database in a container. I show you how to use Docker Compose to define a multi-container solution, and how to run an application update.

The update process in Docker is to build a new image, and then replace your container with a new one from the new image. That's the same process for Windows updates and application updates - and it's fast, easy to automate and low-risk.



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