.NET Conf UY v2015 - Azure, Internet of Things and BBQ

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is here. Your fridge can remind you to buy food. Your windows can detect when it's raining and close themselves. The rooms in your house can detect your presence, turn on the lights, adjust the temperature and tune the TV to the Peñarol v Nacional match. While these are all important advancements in convenience and communication there are other tasks that the IoT can aid us with. In this talk you will see how to make use of Azure's features to collect, display and push data as part of the Internet of Things. You'll see how you can use any hardware solution you want to create data and send it to the cloud. You'll understand how Azure can be used to organize and store the data you've created. Finally you'll see how easy it is to retrieve and push data from Azure to mobile devices and websites. By the end of the talk you'll have a better appreciation for Azure's place in the ecosystem of the Internet of Things...and, most importantly, how it will help you make the perfect barbacoa.


Azure, IoT



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