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Microsoft MVPs Anthony Chu and Shaun Luttin sit down and build a natural language chat bot from scratch using the new Azure Bot Service and Microsoft Cognitive Services' LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service).

  • Overview of Azure Bot Service
  • Creating a bot from scratch
  • Training LUIS
  • Connecting the bot to Slack

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The Discussion

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    Awesome guys :) Only wish it was 10 mins :)

  • User profile image

    Thanks. Time estimation is hard! :S

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    Manuel Verastegui

    That's gonna help me a lot, thank you!

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    Thanks guys! I'm excite to learn about Azure Bots and your video was a good primer. Keep it up!

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    Thanks guys that was helpful! So I wanted to add this Bot to my WordPress Blog, but the Web Chat does not work. Is it because it's still in Preview (as some of the other Channels do not work either), could it be a regional availability thing or am I just not capable?

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    @Alex I just tested out embedding a web chat and it seems to work. What specifically are you having trouble with? Does it show up at all on your page?

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    Hi anthonychu, I am cant find any js file in bot service. Also when I type hi in console get an error "Sorry, my bot code is having an issue."
    and in the log Exception while executing function: Functions.messages. mscorlib: The given key was not present in the dictionary.


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    Geza Csikasz

    Thanks for a great video!

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    Great Video. I been watching the bot videos from Tod Morgan and now this one. What is the next logical step video example wise? Getting started building a working bot? I did not try your example yet, I did all the steps in Tod's videos and everything is working.

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    prateek kakkar

    hey my bot throwing this message "sorry my bot code is having an issue"
    can you please suggest me how can I handle this issue?

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    This tutorial is great. Unfortunately after following all the steps, the bot doesn't respond to me and nothing I can do gets the bot to respond. I think there might be a bug with this wizard setup.

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    Can LUIS be trained to understand sentences and concepts in eg Danish, even though the language is not supported?

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    OK, so how do I embed a Microsoft bot onto my WordPress site?

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    I am trying to set up a chat-bot with LUIS and Bot framework. I have a set of FAQs and I want the bot to get those in as knowledge base and answer the user. Does it automatically extract the intents and entities? How do I give the FAQs as input?

    PS. I have tried QnA maker before. It has file inputs and URL inputs where it pulls question-answer pairs. I want to try LUIS now.

    So, How do I feed in data from files or URL to LUIS as Knowledge base?

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    Amazing! great video. I wonder why the bot did not reply "You asked for weather" instead it just spit out the score?

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    @Taswar why didn't you just increase the speed to 2x??? haha

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    Hi all, can I get all active conversations with Direct Line API?
    Many thanks.

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