Surface Book running CRM 2016 on Hyper-V

Play Surface Book running CRM 2016 on Hyper-V

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    Carsten Groth

    Great way of demonstrating devices and software "better together" for more productivity

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    Nice job Gerry!

    Would love to hear a little more detail.

    • Where did you get the hyper-v image? Partner Source, MSDN, Create it yourself?
    • What settings did you use for the hyper-V, memory, etc?
    • What version of SurfaceBook do you have? I3, I5, I7?
    • Do you find the controls of CRM require the Stylus?
    • Are you using the native 3000x2000 resultion?




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    We got Windows Server and SQL server from our MSDN partner subscription. We then mounted the serve iso file via hyper-v and installed the Windows Server 2012. After that we mounted the SQL iso and installed SQL. We had Internet connectivity and from there we downloaded and installed the CRM 2016 bits with a 90 day trial key. Although anyone can download the code from the Microsoft downloads site and use a trial key.

    We set up the image with 8 gb of RAM, 1 processor and the WiFI virtual network adapter.

    This is running on an i7, 16gb RAM, 512gb storage Surface Book with the Nvidia Graphics chip.

    You can use the image via the stylus, touch pad or external mouse. Of course in Clipboard mode you need to use the Stylus. It actually works pretty good with the Stylus.

    We are running in native 3000x2000 resolution. It is best to set up the image so that it uses the full screen.


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