Automatically Configure Your Machines Using Azure Automation DSC at Initial Boot-up

Play Automatically Configure Your Machines Using Azure Automation DSC at Initial Boot-up


In this video we are going to look at how we can bootstrap virtual machines only with the DSC meta configuration (.meta.mof) required for connecting to Azure Automation DSC as a pull server.
That way, the configurations and all others settings (credentials, global variables, etc) can be dynamically retrieved from Azure Automation. Another advantage of using Azure Automation DSC as a pull server in general, is that you do not need to handle the encryption certificate yourself. During the bootstrapping process Azure Automation DSC will automatically create a certificate (CN=DSC-OaaS) in the local machine`s certificate store for this purpose.
Session resources
Documentation - Azure Automation DSC
A module for creating lab environments which leverages the concept of injecting DSC configurations into the virtual machines hard disk file. Can be configured to only inject meta-configurations in order to leverage Azure Automation DSC for configurations and assets.
There is also an article covering the concepts and basics of Lability published on PowerShell Magazine:
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