SSIS 2014: Security - Managing Security in the SSIS Catalog

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In this video, you'll learn about the new security features that come with the SSIS Catalog introduced in SQL Server 2012, which more closely emulates the security scheme in the SQL Server database engine.

With the introduction of the SSIS Catalog, there are now available much more flexible options for securing packages and data. Now you can control security using either the GUI tools in Management Studio or using T-SQL code, using either Windows or SQL Server authentication. Best of all from an ease standpoint, to use Management Studio you log into the database engine instead of Integration Services.

The built-in Integration Services administration role is ssis_admin, which has permissions over all packages and related objects in the catalog. The catalog organizes all projects, packages, and other objects into folders, each of which is individually securable. Like the database engine, security in the SSIS Catalog is quite granular, helping you manage security to whatever level makes sense in your environment.

The SSISDB database that holds the catalog is just like any other database in SQL Server, so you can encrypt it. This uses a database master key that is created when you create the catalog.


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