Access VBA Tip: Select File or Folder using FileDialog

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Do you ever wonder how to prompt for a file or folder from within an Access database?
I'm going to show you how to select a file or folder using the FileDialog object that comes with Microsoft Office. This is available from Microsoft Access of course.  I also have some VBA code here you can download to help you do this.

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Select a File or Folder using the FileDialog Object

Download: FileDialog.Zip

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Access and Excel Consulting

Adrian, AKA NeoPa


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The Discussion

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    Great video, Adrian. Lots of applications (Access, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) need to select files and folders. You explain things thoroughly -- from referencing the Microsoft Office Object Library to specifying information for the the file and folder dialog box and using the return value in VBA ... and also setting Breakpoints and tracing through the code.  

    Thank you, this tutorial will be a good link to pass on ~


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    Thanks Crystal.


    Your help and involvement with the presenting of the information was invaluable :)



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    @AdrianBellMVP: you're welcome and thanks, Ade -- it was fun, and I learned a few things too!

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