Access Web Apps - Connecting to AWA Data

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Part 1 of a 4-part Access series.  Access Web Apps (AWAs) are a great tool to easily build web databases which can be accessed through any web browser.  But, since it does not come with a report-writer tool, users may want to connect to this data though other software to build reports and graphs or for other needs.  This videos demonstrates two ways to connect to the Access Web App data, either through Access's automated report database tool or through an ODBC connection.  Presenters are Andy Tabisz, Microsoft MVP, WorkSmart Database Masters (Michigan) and Juan Soto, Microsoft MVP, IT Impact (Illinois).



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The Discussion

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    Thank you, Andy and Juan. Nicely done and very informative. Great instructions for creating a database that a powerful Access desktop can open and create reports on since web apps don't have a built-in reporting tool. Thanks for also showing how to connect to allow read-write, and being able to change data and run update queries from an Access desktop database. I look forward to your other presentations


    ~ have an awesome day ~

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    Thanks Crystal!  As people get into Access Web Apps, this is going to become more and more important.  Especially, as you mentioned, AWAs have no built-in report writer.  In Part 2, we'll be demonstrating how to use Power BI to visualize data from an Access Web App.

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    Thanks for the very informative video. It was really helpful for me to get started with AWA's.

    I've been desperately trying to achieve something in an app that I made and thought of posting it here expecting some help. 

    I have app with 2 tables; 1.employees and 2.register of injuries

    Employees table has details about employees such as name, address, contact details and etc.

    And the register of injuries table is a table where an entry is added when an employee is injured. 

    However, I want the employee's details such as address, supervisor and contact details when the name is entered.

    I tried setting default values and macros but none of them let me lookup for a value. I would highly appreciate if someone can help me with this.





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