How To Make a Graph with Microsoft Access

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Do you want to know how to make a graph with Microsoft Access? The easiest way is to first create a query with the data for the chart. Then make a blank form and add a chart control. This video also shows how to change what data is displayed on the graph as well as formatting, chart type, titles and legend.

The trick to getting the chart to show exactly what you want is to set the RowSource for the chart object after the wizard is done.

To format the graph, double-click the chart object in the form design -- then right-click on what you want to change to get a context-sensitive menu.

Tp programmatically manipulate a chart, watch:

Change Graphs and Charts in Microsoft Access using VBA

and it you want to make bar charts for each record of a query (yes, you can do this!), watch:

Show Bar Graphs in Access Query using Unicode characters

to add Triangles and Circles! watch:


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