How to Create Calendar Reports from Access Queries ... as shareable Web Pages - easy!

Play How to Create Calendar Reports from Access Queries ... as shareable Web Pages - easy!


Go from Access Query to shareable Calendar Report nearly instantly!

Have you created a query in Microsoft Access with information for a calendar? ... and then, abra-cadabra, the calendar is done?! I am going to show you how to make that happen.

Here is an example of the output:

Calendar showing Deliveries from data in Microsoft Access

To use this code, import the module into your working database (and then compile and save, of course).

Download free tool from:

Or from Channel9: click the Download tab and then choose Source Code. The database is inside the zip file, and better named.

There is a macro in the sample database that asks for a query name and then, presto, calendar! You may also wish to import the macros ... there is another one that opens the folder for the calendar files.

Using vba, you can easily create and open a calendar with:

   Application.FollowHyperlink Create_HtmlCalendar(sQueryName)

  • will open a web page with the calendar created from the query name stored in sQueryName.
  • The Create_HtmlCalendar function creates the calendar as an HTML file (web page) and returns the path and filename when done.
  • You have a calendar file you can email and share with others.

You do not need to understand each line of this code to use this feature in YOUR databases ... only how to call it to make it give you what you want ... but if you want to take the time to understand, that is great.

Ask questions below (remember comments are ONLY open for 30 days -- so ask now) if you need help -- and remember, if you don't know, chances are that someone else doesn't either. I want to give you a good tool -- and share my love of Access.

A Calendar Report for one month will be made as an HTML file (web page) -- so everyone with a browser, which is just about everyone! can see it too!

It just doesn't get any easier than this!

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Through sharing, we will all get better.


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