Mainform + Subforms for data from mutiple tables with a Microsoft Access User Interface


How finding and entering data into multiple tables can be smooth and graceful using a mainform + subforms. The UI (User Interface) built with Microsoft Access responds with information and animation when users hover and click -- and calculates dynamic information for ready display. Behind the scenes, there is a solid structure with referential integrity.

Download Access database (ACCDB format):

Designed for efficiency and flexibility.  A mainform is used to display and edit data in a main table, with subforms for displaying and editing data in related tables. Lots of whistles and bells to spark creativity. Respond to different screen sizes by anchoring subforms and controls so they stretch and shrink, use unbound combo boxes and list boxes to quickly filter and find records, allocate checks and charges over open orders with a custom calculator, show and update dynamic information, and streamline data entry.

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