Show Bar Graphs in Access Query using Unicode characters

Play Show Bar Graphs in Access Query using Unicode characters


Did you know that you can show a bar graph in an Access query? It is easy using a simple formula to show Unicode block characters. 

Use the built-in functions String  and ChrW (variation of Chr) to display a graph by repeating a Unicode character a calculated (or specified) number of times -- and this is all text!

Graphs appear on every record in the color you want ... give life to numbers.  Hopes this enables you ideas to visualize your data in new ways ~

this video shows another example of using Unicode in a query:

Triangles! and Circles! in a Microsoft Access Query -- Get Previous Record too

Note: Some fonts have more, and better, Unicode representations than others. For Windows standard built-in fonts, Arial Unicode MS and Lucida Sans Unicode have fair coverage.  Common fonts such as Arial, times New Roman, and Calibri can be okay too.

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