Visio, a flyby for developers (Part 1)

Play Visio, a flyby for developers (Part 1)


This is the first of a two part course in Visio development.  The course is intentionally focused on the concepts of Visio development rather than the implementation details.

The first part (this video) covers the following areas:

  • [00:03:33]  Structure - file types and the basic mechanics of shapes within a document
  • [00:06:32]  Shape logic - parametric behavior, formulas and inheritance
  • [00:15:21]  Data - Shape Data section, Data Linking and Data Graphics
  • [00:28:18]  Relationships - Glue and structured diagramming
  • [00:44:23]  Layout - Built-in layout and routing

The second part covers the following areas:

  • Extensibility choices - VBA, C# (Addins), C++ (Addons), Visio Drawing Control and PowerShell
  • Object model
  • Event handling
  • Deployment


MVP, Visio



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