Visio, a flyby for developers (Part 2)

Play Visio, a flyby for developers (Part 2)


This is the second of a two part course in Visio development.  The course is intentionally focused on the concepts of Visio development rather than the implementation details.

The first part covers the following areas:

  • Structure - file types and the basic mechanics of shapes within a document
  • Shape logic - parametric behavior, formulas and inheritance
  • Data - Shape Data section, Data Linking and Data Graphics
  • Relationships - Glue and structured diagramming
  • Layout - Built-in layout and routing

The second part (this video) covers the following areas:

  • [00:02:31]  Extensibility choices - VBA, C# (Addins), C++ (Addons), Visio Drawing Control and PowerShell
  • [00:16:27]  Object model
  • [00:21:15]  Event handling
  • [00:38:20]  Deployment


MVP, Visio



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