add Save As to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)


Do you ever modify something, and then want to save with a new name? ... and then wished you could still see what you are doing when you think of a new name? 

Whether you are changing

  • a query (or other object) in Access
  • a document in Word
  • a workbook in Excel
  • a presentation in PowerPoint
  • ... or other ... same steps

What can you do?

 The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) 

The Quick Access Toolbar, or QAT, is a handy place to put your favorite commands.

This example uses renaming a query in Access to demonstrate -- but it doesn't matter what you are doing. 
The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) works the same for the Microsoft Office products ... and Save As is a common command.

By adding "Save As" icon to the Quick Access Toolbar, you can still see what you are working on when the dialog box to specify a Name pops up.


1. click on down arrow at end of QAT to Customize

2. Choose "More Commands..." from the drop-down menu
QAT More Commands...

3. choose to show 'All Commands', instead of just the popular ones

Quick Access Toolbar QAT All Commands

4. click on the last command in the list of QAT commands on the right
or whatever command you want to add the command below

QAT Customize add Separator below last command

5. double-click <Separator> in the left list to add it to the right list below what is selected

6. in the left list, double-click Save As to add it below the separator that is selected

QAT - Add Save As command below Separator
7. click OK to close the Customize the Quick Access Toolbar dialog box

8. Now there is a convenient icon on the Quick Access Toolbar to use for saving with a new name 

QAT with new Save As icon


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