Hide Documents from Delve

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Office 365 includes a mechanism for preventing documents from showing up on Delve boards. In this video, Paul Olenick will describe the HideFromDelve feature, how it works and some of the limitations.





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The Discussion

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    Hi Paul - Thanks for creating this video.  I would recommend to your readers that the single best way to ensure that things don't show up in Delve for those who shouldn't see them is to properly set permissions and avoid oversharing of content. 

    Like Enterprise Search, Delve does security trimming - that is, it will only show content in Delve which the user has access to see.  If the document really is sensitive then just hiding it Delve may not be enough as users could discover it via other means (forwarded link, Enterprise Search, etc.) 

    That said your solution does an excellent job of avoiding the potential for user "freak out" as they try to figure out why their sensitive content is suddenly showing up. 


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