MVP Thoughts: What to Expect From SharePoint 2016

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Discussion and panel with fellow MVPs on what to expect from SharePoint 2016's release. There are many changes in the industry and with the arrival of Office 365, many were wondering if there would be another SharePoint and if Sharepoint 2016 would change anything at all.

What can we expect from SharePoint 2016? Is it worth migrating to SharePoint 2016, is it just a beginning? You can dive in deeper and see what's new in SharePoint 2016 from my last blog.

MVPs in this discussion:

Marc Anderson @sympmarc
Jennifer Mason @jennifermason
Fabian Williams @fabianwilliams
Corey Roth @coreyroth
Benjamin Niaulin @bniaulin





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The Discussion

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    thx, very informative talk, BUT I was wondering what your take is on this compliance issue (I&#39;d guess that not many companies know about that):<br><br>

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