Microsoft’s Brad Anderson Talks EMS and Office 365 [Video Interview]

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Hi y'all! Welcome back to another edition of Dux Quax! Today we're talking Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) and Enterprise Client & Mobility (ECM) with one of the top dogs at Microsoft! Hope you enjoy!

As data moves from behind the firewall to cloud apps, organizations have to fundamentally rethink how to secure and protect their data without hindering users from working. This is a giant feat, and Microsoft completely understands that. That's why they came up with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS). They're going beyond putting up data centers around the world – they're also guaranteeing organizations can meet global data sovereignty rules and work in the cloud.

As you know, it's always a pleasure for me to get together with experts in the tech sphere and bring you the latest and greatest news around Microsoft. This time around, I had the opportunity to sit down with Microsoft Corporate VP Brad Anderson at the mothership to really dig into Microsoft EMS and Office 365 adoption.

Check out the full interview below and as always, continue the conversation by reaching out to Brad (@Anderson) and I (@MeetDux) on Twitter. Enjoy!

Brad Anderson Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Cloud and Mobilit

Brad Anderson

Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Cloud and Mobility

Brad Anderson is the Corporate Vice President of the Enterprise Client & Mobility (ECM) team. This organization is focused on supporting a modern workforce that operates in a world of continuously connected devices. The ECM team is a key pillar of Microsoft's Mobile-First, Cloud-First focus. As a part of this organization's ambitious charter, Brad leads the effort to enable enterprises to be productive on the devices they love, while keeping the company secure. A major part of the organization's function is to innovate and create the solutions that deliver a rich and consistent set of experience for users across all the devices they use.

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