Provisioning SharePoint Solutions with M2 (SPMeta2)

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SPMeta2 is a comprehensive library that covers most aspects of deploying your SharePoint solutions. It provides a robust, testable and consistent way to provision artefacts like fields, content types, libraries, pages and much more. The library can be used for SSOM, CSOM and even for SharePoint Online, with plans to extend support to JSOM sometime in the near future.

The idea behind SPMeta2 is to provide users with the ability to create small and clear code describing all of your SharePoint entities. This code can then be used in an app, a console program or on any server side code, providing an elegant solution to the well-known solution update problem, where you just have to add some fields, lists, pages, web parts or content types. This can be achieved easily by updating the model and rerunning the provisioning code.


This session is the short introduction into using the library. 





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