The Skype Show: Episode 2 – Certificates, Attendant Pro & Mobile App

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The Discussion

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    Garry Williams

    "Auto-enrolment must be supported for internal servers". This has been misinterpreted from the original Microsoft guidance here:

    Also, auto-enrolment does not work even for internal Lync Server as the service cannot automatically switch to use a newer certificate.

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    @Garry Williams:

    Thank you for your feedback Garry. I should have expended further on this point;

    Auto enrolment for internal servers, was in reference to the ability to auto update CRLs, download root cert chains, and so forth.

    I should have highlighted more clearly, in particular during the request process section, that the automatic renewal of services is something that clearly isn't supported.

    Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment - it is much appreciated

    - Corey Goodchild

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