The Skype Show: Episode 3 – Backing Up, Desktop Client and Security

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In episode 3 we discuss how to backup your Skype for Business deployment properly using PowerShell and community tools. Michael LaMontagne (Office Services & Server MVP) takes us through the road to Office 2016 client deployment and Rui Maximo will be discussing his advanced Skype for Business security suite including ethical firewalls and anti DDoS measures.


Session 1: Backing up Skype for Business

Session 2: The Road to Client Deployment

Session 3: Skype for Business Security

Session 4: Q&A

Guest Speakers

Michael LaMontagne (MVP)

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Michael is the technical director of iluminariTech and is a significant contributor to the Skype for Business community with tools such as the Lync (and now) Skype Validator. If you have ever worked with Snom devices, it is likely you have used one of his many blog posts and tools to help you on the way. Better known as @RealTimeUC on Twitter and his blog

We are really excited to have Michael on the show and hope you look forward to what he has to say.

Rui Maximo

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Rui specialises in security software, one-time Lead Program Manager at Microsoft, and later positions with security giants RSA, Rui has 20 years' worth of extensive experience and has now branched out to develop security products for Skype for Business. You may be familiar with the Lync 2013 Firewall Viewer which is one of Rui's free products to the community or you may be using one of his commercial products already from

We are extremely excited to have Rui on the show.



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