The Skype Show: Episode 5 – Hybrid, Polycom & Room Systems

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In Episode 5 we are joined by Adam Jacobs, Office Servers and Services MVP and Polycom's Principal Microsoft Architect. Adam discusses the recent developments Polycom announced at Enterprise Connect including the Polycom Cloud Video Interoperability Service, Polycom's involvement around Project Rigel and the new Polycom Trio Hub. We are also walking through how to configure hybrid with Skype for Business when you already have Skype for Business Online users and you want to introduce on-premises Skype for Business Server, along with the pain points that are not documented on TechNet. 



Session 1 – Reverse Hybrid

Session 2 – Polycom

Session 3 – TBC

Session 4 – Q&A



Adam Jacobs (MVP)


Back in early 2009 Adam started blogging about all things Microsoft UC, a year later he was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Communications Server (now Skype for Business). Adam has contributed towards a number of TechNet articles and more recently written a couple of chapters within the upcoming Skype for Business Unleashed book. He also co-manages the Microsoft Unified Communications User Group London (MUCUGL) with Tom Arbuthnot and the Silicon Valley Skype for Business User Group withAlex Lewis. Now and then Adam has presented at various industry events.

Adam's day job is at Polycom, where he's Principal Microsoft Architect. His working week is spent crafting shiny new products and solutions that make Skype for Business even more awesome than it is already! Prior to joining Polycom, Adam spent 15years+ within Enterprise IT holding various senior positions where he was responsible for deploying stuff.

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