Understanding Office 365 Groups with Microsoft, Hyperfish, and AvePoint [Webinar]

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Need Help Understanding Office 365 Groups? Ask The Experts!

Hi ya'll! In the past year, there's been a lot of buzz about Office 365 Groups since all the major announcements at Microsoft Ignite. When understanding Office 365 Groups, there's no shortage of resources that explain "Groups are shared work spaces where group members can collectively get things done". But how exactly do Groups work, and how will they enhance the way you work?

Well...We're here to help and we have a full Playbook for EVERYTHING GROUPS!

I'm very, very privileged to have had the opportunity to present an hour long webinar with two of my colleagues and friends from the industry, Christophe Fiessinger from Microsoft and Jeremy Thake from Hyperfish.

Our goal is to help you understand what Office 365 Groups are and the impact that activating them can have on your organization, including the following topics:

  • An overview of what Office 365 Groups are, how they work, and what you get when you set one up
  • Use cases and customer stories showcasing how you can use Office 365 Groups to power your teams and projects
  • Prescriptive advice on how your IT and governance teams can manage Office 365 in the era of Office 365 Groups

Let us know if you found this helpful by continuing the conversation on Twitter by reaching out to us at @cfiessinger, @jthake and @meetdux

For the full webinar and recap, click on the image below or Click Here >

Ask The Experts: Understanding Office 365 Groups with Microsoft, Hyperfish, and AvePoint [Webinar]

Here are our slides, "Understanding Office 365 Groups: Ask The Experts"

Understanding Office 365 Groups: Ask The Experts from Dux Raymond Sy, PMP

Understanding Office 365 Groups with the playbook.

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