What’s Next for SharePoint in 2017 with Microsoft’s Mark Kashman [Video Interview]

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What's Next for SharePoint in 2017 with Microsoft's Mark Kashman [Video Interview]

Note: this post was originally published on December 6, 2016

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of Dux Quax as we recap all the goodness that Microsoft brought in 2016 and look forward to what's next for SharePoint in 2017.

With the release of SharePoint 2016, the addition of SharePoint Integration with PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, and the announcement of SharePoint Feature Pack 1, there has been a tidal wave of SharePoint news this year! What better way to make sense of all the hype and to find out what's next for SharePoint in 2017, than to sit down with Mark Kashman, Senior Product Manager on the SharePoint Marketing Team at Microsoft?

Check out the interview below and make sure you continue the conversation on Twitter by reaching out to us @meetdux and @mkashman with your thoughts about what's next for SharePoint!


Top Takeaways: What Happened in 2016 and What's Next for SharePoint in 2017

  • For Microsoft and for the SharePoint team, 2016 was about getting to the core of collaboration and getting to the point where collaboration wasn't a hassle.
  • The Microsoft SharePoint team categorizes 2017 as a continuation of a lot of what they've done in 2016. There's a lot more to do with team sites and collaboration. There's a whole new level of what they're doing with the news service for team news and corporate news. And bringing all services in a different way where you really get a personalized experience for that news.
  • In 2017, the Microsoft SharePoint team looks to do what they've done for collaboration in SharePoint 2016, for publishing. You go and you go click "create site" and you get a nice new team site. There will be an alternative choice when you go to "create site" for a publishing site.
  • Think of Groups, connected to all these services, as like a little mini-Office 365 for the team that you name.
  • OneDrive is getting intelligence from the Graph and is becoming aware of SharePoint. When you manage your files, these apps are now enabling you to do more in context without having to switch context.
  • Delve is the ultimate view of what is the Graph trying to tell me.

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