When To Use What In Office 365 Groups: Tips, Advice, and Use Cases from Our Team

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Hi y'all!

Just posted: we're answering the "when to use what in Office 365 Groups" question in a 3-step infographic and full article with real world examples, tips, and strategies from our team to you!


In this post, we tackle how to use Office 365 Groups and show you a simple, three-step approach so you can figure out when to use what in Groups. The post will be divided int; two parts:

  • Our graphic and hypothetical, 3-step approach
  • Real-world scenarios and examples to help you understand how to use Office 365 Groups

Warning: It's a long one, so stick with us!

As always, we'd love to get feedback on the post, graphic, and also how you're using Groups and Teams so we can incorporate into an upcoming webinar with Microsoft.


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