Get Started with Visual Studio Code and Golang

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This is a quick tutorial for getting set up with Visual Studio Code with Golang and how to debug in Golang using Visual Studio Code.



The Discussion

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    Nice "get started" tutorial. More Go content would be nice.

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    Thanks for your comment. Do you wish to have more basic on Go lang (language wise) or more advance topics on go lang?

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    Frank Solomon

    Hello. Through Microsoft Imagine, I have Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. I tried to install the Go machinery in that environment and I have hit walls. I'd like to know how to install this Golang machinery in Visual Studio 2015 Enterprise. I noticed that in in VS15 Enterprise,

    Tools -> Extensions and Updates

    has no (obvious) way to add an extension, specifically

    in this case. If you could help me out with this, I would be grateful.

    Thank you!

    - Frank

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    Hey Taswar,

    Thanks for taking the time to record and publish this video!

    This got me started with Go in 15 minutes!

    This video is still up-to-date in March 2017 using Go 1.8.

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    @Frank Solomon: I don't believe Luke Hoban go plugin would work with VS 2015.

    There is also Sam Harwell

    Don't think it has 2015 support though, but he is also another MVP you can ping him up and maybe he may have something under his sleeves :)


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    @brunocassol: Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Go is fun :)

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