Getting Started With VS2015 | Blend for VS and Notifications

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Beginner Series for Visual Studio 2015. In this Video series beginners would learn about different features of Visual studio IDE and Blend for Visual Studio. 

  • Getting Started With VS2015 | Blend for VS and Notifications
  • Getting Started With VS2015 | Settings in VS and Sync
  • Getting Started With VS2015 | First Look at Code Editor
  • Getting Started With VS2015 | Developer Command Prompt


Saad Mahmood

Microsoft MVP - Windows Development

Former Microsoft Student Partner



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The Discussion

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    This is the start of good series. Just keep these things in mind Saad.

    1. Try to reduce the background noise.

    2. Try to give a summary slide of what your going to cover and review it again at the end to make the material sink in.

    This shows respect for all of our time because the topic you discuss we may not want to view.

    3. Try to use the Community Edition. I notice you used Enterprise but beginners will be using Community, right?

    4. Work on your the slide titles was incorrect.

    5. Turn off Skype, okay? I notice you blurred it out but...

    Finally, I liked your commentary and the time duration but just go a little deep in the sections you talk about. Less is more but we're hear to learn about the little changes in Visual Studio so we have gain knowledge about tips and tricks.

    This Blend was a great start for the series. I wonder now if I can be more productive Blend than in Creative Suite. Remember short with depth!



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