Login to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn with Xamarin.Android

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Learn how to use Xamarin.Auth component to develop a Xamarin.Android app that can:

1) login to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn using OAuth

2) get user profile information (Id, name, location, picture, cover photo, biography...)



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The Discussion

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    What if instead of opening a web view we wanted to open the local app to request for the user`s permision?

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    Greg FOURRE


    I would like to know how to authenticate my users on Google and then reach my ASP.NET web API.

    I tried to do the Authentication on Xamarin Forms with OAuth2Authenticator and then try to give the Google Access Token or Id Token to ASP.NET but I failed.

    I tried to launch the authentication flow from ASP.NET through the Authorize URL of ASP.NET and I failed also.

    If I do that in a browser, it can work and I suppose this is working thank to the cookie. DO you have a sample I can study to solve my issue ? Many thanks.

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