Implementing NavigationService for Xamarin Forms and MVVM

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    How could you combine your last video, dependency injection with xamarin forms with prism ?
    I'm trying to inject other dependencies, with iNavigationService but always get error.

    //It doesn't work, how it's the correct way?
    public MainPageViewModel(INavigationService navigationService, IMainService mainService)
    _navigationService = navigationService;
    _mainService = mainService;

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    Brian Lagunas

    @HoussemDellai Thanks for the great video. Keep up the good work.

    @steven: You have to register your types with the container in the RegisterTypes method in the App.cs.

    Example: Container.RegisterType<IMyService, MyService>();

    You might consider making them a singleton if possible.

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    @Brian Lagunas thank you for the answer :) I just saw it now !

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