Learn Roslyn Now - E08 - The AdHocWorkspace

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The AdHocWorkspace is a mutable workspace that makes it easy to add documents and projects to. It's very useful for testing and is the easiest workspace to get up and running.

Intro to Workspaces: https://joshvarty.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/learn-roslyn-now-part-6-working-with-workspaces/

Tool used in video: http://comealive.io


C#, workspace



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The Discussion

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    Just to complete the beatiful tutorial:

    The Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.LanguageNames class contains static strings for the languages, so that you don't have to remember if the string is "CSharp" or "C#" or whatever... of course you have to remember that exists a LanguageNames class though ! :)

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