3-tier Architecture using MVC, Web API, UWP & Microsoft Azure - Part 3 - Urdu/Hindi Language

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Series Overview:

This video series comprised of 3 video lessons demonstrating not only three tier architecture in asp.net but also tells how you can create a three tier application in asp.net , creates its APIs in the same architecture, deploy your solution and database to Microsoft Azure, and at last you will also learn how to consume those APIs in your Windows Application. So final output of this series will be a Basic Web Based To Do List Application deployed on Cloud and a Windows Application to get all your activities list maintain through your web application on a mobile device or windows application. 

Video Overview

In this video lesson we will develop a Windows Application and will consume our APIs developed in our Part 2 of this series. 

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Note: This Video is in Urdu/Hindi Language dedicated to people of Pakistan & India. English Version will be released soon.


API, C#, JSON, MVP, Windows, XAML, App



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