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In this video, I will demonstrate some uses for Turbo containers on Windows. Dockers has been getting quite a lot of buzz in the industry. Docker, of course provides the ability to create Linux based containers. Windows Server 2016, which is in preview at the time of this post, will provide the ability to create and run containers on Server 2016. The Linux kernel was developed to allow Docker containers to run. Windows Server is being updated in order to allow those containers run. 


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Turbo containers run inside of their own VM which sits on top of the Windows kernel. Because of this, Turbo containers can run on any version of Windows. You won't need to be on the latest version of Windows to use these containers. You also won't need a Windows client to run Linux containers. These are Windows based containers that can run on any version of Windows. If you view my video, you can get up and running to try it out for yourself and you'll see some cool uses. I hope you enjoy!

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