Windows Marketplace for Mobile to accept apps on July 27

Play Windows Marketplace for Mobile to accept apps on July 27

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    Windows Mobile Marketplace.....     <tumbleweed>

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    so who would i be selling to? I do not know of anyone in the last 4 years who has a WinMo device.

    and I develop apps for CE devices.... I do know of a few folks who used to have WIn PDA's and phones and they traded for blackberry's and iPhones.

    Sorry MSFT you lost this market even before the iPhone came out.

    better go back to rsearch and come back with a whole new game.

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    Ok, instead of posting bile (like everyone else), I will attempt to write a Windows Mobile 6.5 application and submit, and I will document my journey!

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    I have one.  So that's at least one person Tongue Out

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    Ok, by the way I am not against CE .... I just feel that it sucks how today almost no one (aside from developers) even knows that there is a WIndowsMobile OS.

    and as I said I have 2 apps that run on CE devices made by Cassio, one of the apps is very loaded with stuff and is very critical to a clients business... I like .Net CF 3.5 *WAY* more than 1.x  Smiley

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    nice Smiley

    but priorites are a little wonky i think.. games for windows has a much larger user base and it still sucks a$$.. why oh why isnt the xbox marketplace on windows? win mobile is a good step but there really needs to be a global microsoft marketplace for all the platforms.. with things like silverlight you could develop an app that runs on all these platforms, but there isnt a good distrubution channel, atleast not across all the platforms..

    things liek the office addin gallery, expression and vs addins could also be interated in such a place. it would eclipse the app store in like a week Smiley

    please get the lead out for a windows marketplace atleast..

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    Really cool. But they need to fix their payment systems asap, right now we need a US Bank Account. We can't a Global MarketPlace platform having only U.S. developers doing apps for it.

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    I agree that for being on Version 6+, it should be more well known.  But with an estimated 30 million users... it's not too shabby in my opinion.

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    "with things like silverlight you could develop an app that runs on all these platforms, but there isnt a good distrubution channel, atleast not across all the platforms.."


    SilverLight, come on!!! This is not what other platforms and even the web want, what they want is an open standard technologies for the web, SilverLight is not, Flash is not. Coupled with javascript, the new CSS Animations-3D effects if accepted by the W3C, HTML5, the new HTML streaming technology if accepted by the IETF are what they want.

    "things liek the office addin gallery, expression and vs addins could also be interated in such a place. it would eclipse the app store in like a week"

    This is blah, blah. I mean look at it, Apple yesterday announced that they sold more than 1.5 billions apps in one year (yes 1.5 billions!!!), they got more than 65000 apps in one year, they got more than 100,000 developers developing apps for the iPhone platform in one year.

    And what you say? You are talking about office addin, expression or vs addin, those are toys, how long have windows mobile been in the market? Years, and Microsoft could not figure out how to sell apps to windows mobile users and in first place they did not figure out how to make an attractive platform for users and developers. So now, once someone has done it and proved that people are willing to buy and use apps on their phone, Microsoft again late in the game can only come in without more than ripping off the Apple's App Store. I mean look at the Market Place app, where are the new ideas, the innovation, even the interface is similar to what Apple came up with their app, so what?

    Call me Apple fanboy or Microsoft hater, if you want, the matter of the fact is that some Microsoft blind fanboys (who rarely look outside their closed Microsoft world) should see the truth, the reality: Microsoft can't come up with original ideas that they can sell to people, an idea that can be successful, that people love and love the products that comes from the innovation. And i have to say that i am sad about that, a multi-billion company that continues to sell a crappy system for phones is just disappointing. You like it or not, Apple got 100,000 developers on his platform because it is innovative, modern, fun, easy to use. What is windows mobile today? Just crap, it is just crap!! Be honest, everyone having a minimum of honesty comes to the same observation. Windows mobile is old, boring, lacks modern technologies, and simply is behind the competition. Even Palm with far less resources than Microsoft managed to build an attractive platform with their webOS. It just blows away windows mobile. Sure it is very inspired from the iPhone, but they did something unique for the specific market that they want to go for in the mobile space. 

    People outside and inside Microsoft have to accept it, they got a crappy os for phones, as long as they pretend that everything is fine, we will never see anything good coming from Microsoft in the mobile space. And oh yes, there is Windows mobile 6.5, and what? It is awful, this is just a quick hack to keep Microsoft's head outside the water in the mobile space. And this Market Place, this is nothing, it just running behind the competition, just to say that Microsoft also does it.

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    I gave up on windows mobile a loooooong time ago. 

    That said I still roll it out to managers and sales people. Simply because out of the box they have exchange integration... but they wont be adding apps to it, just using it vanilla. 

    Ive switched to Android. Sorry but it really is fantastic.

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    I have been waiting for this to happen for a long time now. I am super excited to see the Marketplace and combined with future versions of Windows Mobile certain competitors I think will really see a strong reason to worry Smiley.


    Dmitry Lyalin - Podcast series for the Developer Community


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    im not calling you an apple fanboy or an ms hater, id rather call you a git with extreme double standards Smiley

    you claim that flash or silverlight are not "the way" because they are not standardized but in the next sentence you hail the app store for its billions of apps that are written natively for the iphone! what happed to the webstandards?


    and office and visual studo are "toys"? come on.. take your trolling elsewhere Smiley office is the most installed software in the world Smiley also factoring all the platforms you could potentially delevlop for using SL and .net, compared to the app store thats only for iphones (and mac? dunno..) a marketplace where you could get apps for your desktop, phone and tv (xbox)  could have significant penetration.


    you act like apple invented digital distrubution.. they didnt Smiley they evlovled it, true, and microsoft can evolve it further. if they could only get the lead out Smiley


    fyi, i agree that win mobile is innferior. this would change alot if they included more .net/silverlight Smiley but there are't 100,000 iphone devs because the iphone is easy to develop for. its because there are alot of iphone users = lots of money to be made. this holds for any popular platform.

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    Whats up with active sync.  Is this thing ever going to be stable ?!?  I have never had as volatile a syncing experience as I do with windows mobile phones. 

    join domain = stops working

    install sdk = stops working

    weather man predicts cold fronts = stops working

    dude.  even a fanboy has his limits. 

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    I think the opportunity is tremendous.


    As Max said, there are close to 30 million existing phones in the market.


    And lots of people will still continue to buy WM phones. Even if a few Alpha-Geeks and Influencers tout their iconic devices.


    Speaking of iconic devices, Toshiba TG01 and new line up of HTC devices, as well as LG to Samsung will be pushing out some serious devices during the next few months with their own Ad campaigns. And you betacha there will be more Windows Mobile campaigns from Microsoft when the store launches. US carriers are catching on and grabbing up the new devices with un-heard of speed.


    Forget the nay-sayers - there is still great deal of dollars to be had and fame to be won here. So get coding!


    WM 6.5 Emulators are here. And Marketplace is soon to be open for you and other smart developers to compete for hottests app spots.

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