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PDC05 Community Owner, Jeff Sandquist, sits in the hotseat here at Buzzcast central and talks about everything from the BAR to where did Flair come from and hints at new interesting things on the horizon...

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PDC 2005



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The Discussion

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    At 1:39 I'm thinking is this supposed to be funny?! is this what we get now instead of video, well I don't like the sound of that.
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    Well they didn't laugh so I guess we aren't supposed to.
    Jeff, maybe you should watch what you say...
    8:14, Jeff - "...if you are watching this podcast..."

    Big Smile

    Do you see the joke?
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    Loadsgood wrote:
    Well they didn't laugh so I 8:14, Jeff - "...if you are watching this podcast..."

    Funny. Guess I'm getting so used to be on video that I forgot we were recording the audio instead of the video. Smiley
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    Its the whole style of talk, I cant stand it.
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    Nice audiocast.

    I suggest turning down the volume on the background music next time.  It was contending with the conversation a bit too much (foreground music?).

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