PDC05 Buzzcast #5 - A short update on contests

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This week I've got time for just a short buzzcast to bring everyone up-to-speed on the latest and greatest developments in the code'n my way to PDC and blog'n my way to PDC contests.


First off, I've received a few comments about the background music and I've turned it down once again.


Second, we've had over 1000 downloads of our Shareware Starter Kit for the Code'n my way to PDC contest but still no entries yet.  If you've downloaded the SSK and you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.  I'm still working on my sample application and hope to have it up-and-going this coming week.


Speaking of this coming week, I'm off, along with Dan Fernandez and Jed Rose, to talk, schmooze and have fun at the Shareware Industry Conference (http://www.sic.org) which is being held in Denver, Colorado the 14th through the 16th.  If you're going to the conference, please look me up.  I'm talking in two sessions and will be at the Microsoft booth at the exhibit night on Friday.


Finally, our blog'n my way to PDC contest has had quite a few entries, some of them, in my humble and non-official opinion, quite good.  Please keep them coming!


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The Discussion

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    Hey thanks for turning down the background music. Could you turn it up at the end of the Buzzcast indicating that the end of the Buzzcast is near? I don't know if you do this in this Buzzcast since I haven't listened to it yet but it would be nice if you did it in future Buzzcasts because I'm used to hearing the background music start or get louder at the end from other Podcasts.

    Fix me Charles Smiley EDIT: Hmmmmmm ignore that...
    EDIT2: Charles, reply to the initial post, I can link to WMA and MP3 files, although it didn't seem to work in this post.

    The PDC05 Buzzcast,
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    This is a fake double post to test stuff.

    EDIT: Fine it doesn't work. Charles could you please at least remove those WMA file link and MP3 file link forms? They tempt me so much Wink Also, sorry to the other dev I don't know your name so I'm addressing Charles, hopefully in time you'll relise how annoying I can get with the constant bug reports Smiley

    Hopefully this test works.
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    Yes, thanks for the change on the background music.  I'm pleased to see that I'm not the only one who commented.  So, I wanted to make a point to show appreciation for the positive response my feedback and the feedback of others.

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