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Hello and welcome to Buzzcast #8 leading up to the Microsoft Professional Developer's Conference which will start in slightly more than two weeks.


This week's Buzzcast is about the two contests I've been running this summer which offered two shareware authors and one blogger a way to get to the conference.


Today I'm happy to announce that we have winners and they're really, really good!


The blogging winner is "Bonk", a long-time Channel9'er who wrote a great blog entry and produced a nice animated video to go with it.


The shareware contest produced two winners.


The first is PDC05 Interact for Outlook 2003.  The author of this application, Peter Jausovec, created a great application that combines RSS, MSN Virtual Earth, blogging and podcasting all-in-one.


The second is cameraFlow Labyrinth, by Casey Chesnut, which is an awesome software implementation of the old wooden box game in which you turn knobs and navigate a steel ball on a wooden playing surface.  The big twist is that Casey's application uses a webcam mounted on a Tablet PC and you just tilt the tablet to move the virtual ball.


We're hoping to have both of these applications show up at the Show Off session on Thursday night at PDC.


And that's it for this edition of the PDC buzzcast, we'll see you in Los Angeles



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