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Welcome to Buzzcast #9, the first in a series of the countdown-to-PDC Buzzcasts I'll be doing between now and September 13th, the official opening of PDC05.

Today's buzzcast is a chat with Mike Burner and Harry Pierson who are responsible for the Architecture Symposium to be held on September 16th.



PDC 2005



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The Discussion

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    Please note: both audio links point to a WMA file, even though one of them says MP3.  Is this a subtle Microsoft ploy to switch the world away from MP3?  Big Smile

    The same goes for the RSS feed.  The enclosure is usually an MP3 file (a good thing).  Now it's a WMA file (less good thing).

    The reason I prefer MP3 for enclosures is that I listen to podcasts on my Palm Zire (yes, a non-Microsoft product).  The player I use is the default player (RealOne player, yes, non-MS), which does not support WMA.  I can spend extra cash ($35) for Pocket Tunes Deluxe to listen to WMA, but I'd rather not.  Just give me the MP3.

    By the way, I know that the MP3 does exist on the site.  I tried changing the extension on the filename included in the link and it worked fine, so it's probably an honest mistake.  Smiley
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    Yep, you got us, it was an honest mistake Smiley

    Thanks for letting us know about it.

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    Michael Lehman
    AdamKinney wrote:

    Yep, you got us, it was an honest mistake

    Thanks for letting us know about it.

    Oops... my bad... Thanks for fixing this Adam!

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