P&P Symposium 2010 - Design With Data - Ward Bell

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Design With Data | Ward Bell

Forms-over-data are the bread-and-butter of business applications. Someone has to write those forms and that someone is probably you. You know you suck at it … but could you suck less? Or put in economic terms, could you produce better results that are easier to maintain in less time? You could if you understood a little about the visual design tools and built your views around design time data that came right out of your ViewModel. We’ll look at how you can use MVVM and pluggable Repositories in pragmatic ways to “get it done” and “do it right”. Your views will still suck (I’m not a miracle worker) but they’ll be better.



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The Discussion

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    Very entertaining talk and while I already use the harness to go straight to the view when debugging, the gateway idea to shortcut the developer testing time is nifty.

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