P&P Symposium 2010 - Model-View-ViewModel Pattern Primer - Karl Shifflett

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Model-View-ViewModel Pattern Primer | Karl Shifflett

The Model-View-ViewModel (M-V-VM) UI design pattern is a very natural fit for the Microsoft XAML platforms (WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7) and is one of the most written and talked about topics in this space. This session will explain what M-V-VM is, why it is a natural fit for XAML platforms and its benefits to developers, designers and testers.

This session provides the foundation for the two following sessions that cover building M-V-VM applications.

Download the presentation materials from Karl's blog here.



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The Discussion

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    Good talk. How's "In the Box" coming along? Closer than Prism 4 release?

    I like your point on "Breath, Crawl...". 5 long weeks of daily head exploding trying to learn the MVVM double digit concept count plus frameworks plus tools, to finally getting the full stack working. Lucky I had distractions.

    A "seperation of learning MVVM concepts" information source would be handy. Learning View controls, then ViewModel with Commands and local properties is easy. People then move on to the Model where they should learn Unit Testing with DI, Interfaces and IoC as refactoring Repositories, business objects and the ORM is a pain after your just got your head around working the INotifyPropertyChange and IDataErrorInfo inheritence tree.

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