P&P Symposium 2010 - Preserving Software Assets across UI Technology - Rockford Lhotka

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Preserving Software Assets across UI Technologies | Rockford Lhotka

The most fluid and transient part of any application is the user interface. This is because users continually change and refine their requirements at this level, and because UI technology itself is constantly in flux to accommodate new hardware capabilities and form factors. It is very likely that UI technologies will change out from under your application at least 1-2 times before the actual application functionality must change to meet new business requirements. So how do you preserve your business logic, validation, authorization, data access and other valuable software assets when the UI is so volatile?



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The Discussion

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    Stating that everyone should use a framework is interesting. Due to the large concept count in MVVM, sometimes there are no frameworks that meet the project requirements. Unfortunetly I'm in that boat and the best you can do is half create your own. Otherwise a good talk.

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