P&P Symposium 2010 - jQuery, the way JavaScript should be - Damian Edwards

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jQuery: The way JavaScript should be | Damian Edwards

Hate the thought of writing JavaScript? Get frustrated by cross-browser DOM quirks? Ever wondered how those spiffy sites do that animation without Flash or Silverlight? Think that JavaScript isn't a real programming language? Well come and see how jQuery makes writing JavaScript fun again. Microsoft is now shipping and supporting jQuery, an open-source JavaScript library, with ASP.NET and Visual Studio. Furthermore, the ASP.NET team is actively contributing to jQuery, in order to add new features such as globalization, templating and data-linking. jQuery is fast, lean, simple and hugely expandable, enabling you to build compelling web applications quickly and easily.



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The Discussion

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    This is really cool vid, Thanks to Damian Edwards

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    Excellent presentation, introduction to jQuery the way it should be ;-)
    The javascript refresher is about as consise and clear an overview of javascript scoping as i have seen.

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