Cloud at Microsoft (IT Expert roundtable May 2017)

Play Cloud at Microsoft (IT Expert roundtable May 2017)


IT Showcase brought together IT Experts from our Cloud at Microsoft course to answer your questions about how Microsoft IT designs, develops, implements, and monitors cloud solutions at Microsoft. In this session, they discuss infrastructure as code, Azure security, and strategies for migrating applications, cloud adoption challenges, Azure architecture, data management in Azure, and much more.

These questions — and more — are discussed during this session:

  • [2:56] What are the biggest changes you are seeing with Cloud adoption, from your traditional on‑premises solution?
  • [4:45] Could you explain a little bit about infrastructure as code?
  • [7:27] How secure is Azure?
  • [7:29] How much of the financial industry in the United States is using Azure?
  • [12:05] Is IaaS or PaaS better for migrating applications?
  • [19:31] On our different migrations to the cloud, did we experience any service disruptions?
  • [23:36]  What should we evaluate before we move from on-premises to Azure?
  • [28:17] What are you doing now that is different from when you started your journey to Azure?
  • [30:21] What was the most challenging aspect of cloud adoption for Microsoft?
  • [33:01] What are some of the biggest differences that you have encountered with running IT workloads in IaaS or VM-based environments versus running in SaaS or Azure?
  • [38:18] What is the high-level architecture of Azure?
  • [41:57] What are the trends in data management and data solutions that Azure offers?
  • [49:21] How do we manage our Azure subscriptions?
  • [52:39] What is the one tip you would like to leave our audience with today?

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